Electronic Music Producer & Dj

Matin was born in 1999 in Iran and graduated from the college of Tehran music in 2016

Commenced to product electronic dance music(EDM) with the artist name of Mat1ne such as Progressive House, Bigroom House, Electronic House, Techno, Deep House, Tech House, Synthwave, and Bass House. Furthermore, he passed a Sound Engineering course for Mix and Master, and Record. In addition, he is an expert in piano because this is his specialty instrument since he was 16 years old.

Shenzhen Spirit track, which was known as the best music of England in 2018, was published on 01/01/2018 on Christmas day.
Shutlle, Hypnotized, When I’m Gone, Aryo, Malloraco, and Shake Your Core in cooperation with Adrenaline Records were released in 2019.
The high Bounce track was released on 9 December 2019 in Peru in cooperation with Empire Records.
Aladdin with the sound of Will Smith was released in Malaga of Spain in cooperation with Ario Records.
(It should be mentioned that he worked as an A&R in both Adrenaline Records and Ario Records.)

In 2020 he released an album with the name ‘ Cable V’ in Synthwave genre with two of his friends, and two remixes with names ‘Vitas’ in the sound of prominent Russian Opera singer and Pol in the sensational sound of Alireza Ghorbani with the cooperation of Dj Phelix.
In 2021’Poison Vibe’ was published in Berline of Germany with the cooperation of Feel Hype Records, and a remix of’ Midaani To’ in the sound of Alireza Ghorbani in Tehran of Iran.

I product every music from my deep of inspirations.